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I had taken my 2006 Hyundai Accent which was giving 7-8 KMPL but after I visited 5M Mileage Boost and got my Vehicle Boosted there was a drastic increase to about 11-12 KMPL in my mileage. Would recommend this to everyone

I visited the garage two days ago for my ecosport diesel. Post the treatment, I feel there is a perceptible difference in the pickup of the car. I did a run on the ORR for about 80 KMS and am quite happy with the response in 4th and 5th gear. The response in 3rd gear in city driving too has been nice. I am hoping the effects of the treatment will be long-lasting(2 yrs)It's too early to talk about stuff like mileage. I will update this review after three months. David is knowledgeable and passionate about cars, and it was a pleasure to interact with him and his boys

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